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Samir and Eleni Elabd, through their ballroom dance instruction company, Ballroom Nights, have provided me with an amazing opportunity to learn and progress in many forms of dancing---Ballroom, Latin, and Swing to be exact.  I simply LOVE the experience because they and the people who attend are so friendly and relaxed that everyone is comfortable from his/her very first lesson.  Samir has an uncanny ability to convey both the basics and numerous detailed stylist points simultaneously---without overwhelming anyone.  Because he seems to do this effortlessly and always with a smile, every student focuses on the points of information appropriate to his/her own level. Beginners internalize the very basics of frame and footwork while intermediate and advanced dancers incorporate higher level maneuvers into their repertoire. The format of having a one hour lesson followed by open dancing and practice helps to solidify what is learned in the evening’s class and to keep reinforcing all of the other 12 dances which are taught year round in a four week rotational schedule.  Whether I am circling the ballroom floor or attentively watching other couples to incorporate their stylistic impressions, my brain is constantly focused on the challenge of new material.  The athleticism is as intense as you wish to make it…a true bonus for getting in or maintaining a healthy shape.  I have never found such a fun and painless way to slim down and tone up. In the past two years, I have had multiple opportunities to take a few dance lessons in three other states. Although informative, these other classes ignored some fundamental concepts in frame/movement to rush couples to achieve a mediocre ability to march through the motions.  Samir would have been silently horrified to see shoulders bouncing, knees locking, or wobbly frame connections destroying all communication between leader and follower.  I was somewhat surprised at my own respectfully silent recognition of the same. It simply clarified what I had already intuitively understood through my Ballroom Nights’ experience….Samir and Eleni are gems that we in Vermont are so fortunate to be able to share. I would encourage everyone to get out and DANCE!

Sincerely, Karen Parolin, DMD

Sam Simpson

Thank you for making my first ever ballroom dancing experience enjoyable and fun. I totally feel welcome and comfortable at your classes; you have a calming and encouraging manner about you. I respect and admire your style. Someday I hope to be as confident and smooth in dancing as you demonstrate. I look forward to learning and growing under your guidance, the good feelings I get at your classes carry over into my daily life making me want more. After leaving each class I hold my head up in pride bragging to friends and family all week long, I believe my life is enhanced because of it, I am honored and blessed.

Adrian Webb

Delighted we found this dance class in Williston. In our sixties and learning for the first time, we were concerned we couldn't keep up with the learning curve but Samir has the patience of a Saint! His charming personality and ways of explaining the moves are really what 'made' the experience.The Friday evening classes are well attended by range of ages, all there also to have fun in a non-intimidating environment. We had also signed up for private lessons which helped considerably and allowed us to learn much more. Also recommended

Alex and Ashley Hodgetts

My wife and I wanted our first dance as husband and wife to be memorable and perfect. I had no experience with formal dancing, and my wife had little practice being led ;). From the time we met Samir he was very easy to work with and made us both as comfortable as possible. The song we selected posed some timing difficulties for the two of us, but with feedback and continued guidance and support, we showed steady improvement. Samir did a great job of pushing us to improve but took the time to ensure we were ready. When all was said and done our first dance was perfect! We may not have nailed every step, but the experience was exactly what we both wanted. We absolutely recommend Samir to anyone that is looking for dance instruction. We were very happy with Samir's knowledge and professionalism, and appreciated the fun and challenging way he instructed us. Thank you very much!

Alex and Ashley Hodgetts

Richard Rettig

Samir does a great job introducing dance steps, explaining the timing, and then building upon the foundation he develops. In addition, he reviews what was taught in the previous lesson. That makes it easy to pick up a dance quickly. His attitude is very positive and he makes learning fun. I highly recommend his classes. If you have thought about learning to dance, or improving your skills, try out his classes.

Karen Sake Erwin

If you want to learn to dance, this is the place to go. The instructor, Samir, is an experienced dance teacher and has a way of making it fun for everyone. Every four weeks the dance changes, so you will have the opportunity to learn many different types of ballroom dances from waltz to Latin styles. I searched around the dance studios in the area for a while, looking for the right mix of excellent instruction, good people, and fun. Samir's Ballroom Nights is the right mix.

Gina Marie

We have taken dance lessons from many people, both in Maryland (where we used to live) and here in Vermont. Samir is by far the best dance instructor we have had. He is kind, patient and polite...and an outstanding dancer. He clearly knows everything about ballroom dancing: the steps, the styling, the uniqueness of each dance...and how to teach these things. Above all, it's apparent that he loves dancing and loves to teach others to dance. We highly recommend taking lessons from Samir whether you are brand new to dance, or an experienced dancer who wants to learn something new.

Thank you Samir for your patience and understanding while you taught me and my fiancé the rumba for our "first dance" at our upcoming wedding. You made us feel very relaxed during our private lessons. I’ve already recommended your classes to several people. We are looking forward to showing off to our guest at the wedding. We will be signing up for the weekly classes when we return from our honeymoon.

Thanks again,

Mike and Suzie

Eleni & Samir,
I feel so blessed to have you as my dance teachers. You have given me a gift for a life time!

Love, Corina

Thank you and your wife so much for coming to our school and teaching our students and faculty. Everyone had a wonderful time and those who missed out truly regret doing so. They thank you also for being such a wonderful teacher with all of them as there was only you and your wife. Like you, everyone is looking forward to the next time we can do this again :)

Hend Barry & Helentina Pang
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

My wife and I took private lessons with Samir in anticipation of our First Dance at our wedding.  we learned a lot from him due to his enthusiasm and patience- and we had a really good time doing so!  we would have no reservations recommending him to our friends.  thanks again! 

We took about 8 weeks of lessons with Samir to get ready for our wedding day. My husband had never really been big on dancing of any kind, and said the only way he would be dancing at our wedding is if he had some lessons. So, he found Ballroom Nights online and we called to inquire. Samir was very personable and we scheduled our first lesson right away. The lessons were really fun! After the first one we signed up for 3 more, and after those were over we signed up for 4 more! We learned the rumba (the dance of love), a slow dance, and then some quick moves of disco that came in handy throughout the entire reception. He actually made my husband want to dance, and we plan to continue dancing.  Samir was very easy and fun to work with, and said we could call anytime if we were practicing and had any questions at all. All in all, our first dance turned out beautifully, we had lots of fun showing off our moves throughout the reception, and our guests were really impressed! 

I learn something every time I dance at  Ballroom Nights. In addition to being a dancer of great skill and elegance, Samir is a teacher who knows precisely how to meet each student at his or her current level. He offers the perfect balance for advancing ones dance skill and having fun.  If you pay attention to what is being offered, you will come away from each class with something new


I have taken classes in many types of dance from many teachers in different settings and I am so pleased with the experience you and Eleni provide.
Your instruction is clear and patient, your observation is keen, both of you prompt and correct the dancers with gentle directness, and you do a marvelous job of reaching out to the spectrum of abilities and challenges in the room.  I love dancing, but I learn slowly and I am very new to
couples' dance.  The instruction Scott and I receive, each and together, is far more pleasurable and beneficial than we found in other local  venues.  What I learn in your classes helps me to dance with him, to understand dancing with a partner in general, and to gain much needed
confidence to enjoy dancing when public opportunities arise.  I have never had better teachers.  AND I am enjoying myself tremendously!!!


We feel so indebted to Samir and Eleni Elabd for the confidence we have gained on the dance floor.  We travel a lot and have not found anything to match the fun learning experience at their dance lessons and practice sessions at Jazzercise in Williston, Vermont.  We went from a "scared of dance floor" couple to a confident couple wanting to learn more and more.  Samir and Eleni encourage questions and are more than happy to review a figure.  It's a fun encouraging group that attend the lessons.....we look forward to each lesson and it brings such Joy.   Thank you Samir & Eleni.  


This has been a very positive experience for me.  I have learned a lot from your dance lessons and dancing.  One thing I have learned is to never give up trying.  The discipline and constructive criticism has helped to make me a better dancer with more confidence.  The friendship and family atmosphere means a lot.

Mary Anne

Attending classes from Samir and Eleni is being accepted into a family of friends who all have similar goals: to learn and enjoy ballroom dancing. 
You are always made to feel welcome and encouraged to learn at your own pace.  Samir constantly asks for input from students concerning which dance to teach and even what figures to include.  Join our group of dancers and be a part of a warm family where learning is made easy.

Ormond & Denise

We have had the pleasure of dancing and learning with Samir and Eleni at Jazzercise for many years.  They are excellent teachers and have helped us to improve and, therefore to enjoy our dancing more.  They always promote a fun and friendly atmosphere where new prople quickly feel at home.  It has become a large part of our social life.      

Ray and Sylvia

We really enjoy the friendly atmosphere created by the hosts and teachers, Samir and Eleni.  Samir explains the dance steps clearly, and breaks down the difficult parts so that it seems easy!"

Not in Boston, not in California, not in Switzerland will you find such warm, welcoming and helpful ballroom dance instruction as you will in Williston, Vermont with Samir and Eleni Elabd.


Thank you Samir and Eleni Elabd. I have been to many studios during my twenty plus years of dancing, but I have learned so much during the time I've spent with you at the Jazzercise studio in Williston, Vermont.   Your patience combined with your enthusiasm and willingness to review a pattern have enabled me to expand my repertoire of steps, and improve my styling. I look forward to learning many more of your fancy figures!

Christopher Davies

I have been a dance student of Samir Elabd’s for over 10 years and, still, I am able to refine my dance to be more elegant and fun.   He is very welcoming to all levels of dance students and his classes are fun. He will readily help new dancers, one on one, during the class but also during the two hour open dance session after each class.  I have taken classes from other dance teachers in the area; but, I continue to go back to Samir for the pleasure of dance.  I am not aware of another dance teacher that provides this open dance time after a class but it completes the whole dance experience.  I recommend Samir Elabd without reservation as a dance teacher. Miriam Granat