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Words cannot explain the joy of  ballroom dancing.  It must be experienced!

Ballroom dancing has numerous benefits, some are obvious and some can only be recognized and appreciated when you make that first step towards this new great activity.

Dancing is its own reward, but there are many other benefits as well.

  • You will make many new friends and will find that ballroom dancers are wonderful people.
  • A lifetime social skill that will provide much joy and  more active social life.
  • A great, common activity between couples which they can share and enjoy for a lifetime.
  • It provides fun, mental and physical stimulation and exercise.
  • Boost your self-confidence, overcome shyness and enhance your social skills.
  • Exercise in a fun new way as you enrich your life and improve your physical health.
  • Increase your grace and poise.
  • Add more fun and romance to your life and to any social event.
  • Attend parties, mix & mingle with ease, no more awkward moments.
  • You will be prepared to enjoy the romance of your first dance as husband and wife.
  •  Mentally, dancing serves as a wonderful stress relief.
  • The sheer joy of dancing.

When you are at a dance or where people are dancing - who do you watch and admire? Not just because they might be good at it but because they are getting the most out of the event and they definitely look like they are having fun.

How many times have you gone out and wished you could dance well and have as much fun as those who can?

Expanded Social Life - dancers are happy people and great to be around. Many new friends can be made in this community - and they give you extended family. Parties, cruises, weddings, everything you do is more fun when you can dance.

For singles, the dance community is one of the best places a single can be - primarily because it's a safe social environment. You don't need lots of fancy introduction lines or awkward conversation - just say "would you like to dance". You have a safe subject to discuss - dancing. You will have fun and get the chance to meet lots of fun loving people.

You've been out to night clubs, weddings, and social events. You've seen folks watching with envy as others dance the night away laughing and having a great time! Well, the only reason that someone isn't on the dance floor, is because they don't know how to dance! Unless you learn, nothing is going to change!

  • I have No Rhythm.
  • I have two left feet.
  • I will make a fool of myself.
  • I am too old to learn ballroom dancing.
  • We are too concerned if we go to dance class we will be embarrassed.
  • I can't hear the beat.
  • I am uncoordinated

Whether you want to meet new friends or you're looking for a great night out, ballroom dancing is perfect for people of any age - male or female. Dancing is good exercise and good fun.

Ballroom Dancing is indeed an interest that can span your whole lifetime, providing years of enjoyment.