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      Dress code

Be sure to wear something you can move in that won’t get in the way or catch on your partner.  Ladies wear anything from jeans to skirts or dresses.  Men wear jeans or slacks that easily allow movement.

We encourage you to purchase ballroom shoes because they are specifically designed to help with comfort, flexibility, and balance in all your dances. Until then, just be sure to wear something with leather sole and an enclosed heel. Avoid high heels for now & avoid sneakers or other shoes with rubber or spongy soles.

     Discounts to Weekly Classes

    If you decide to join us, just make a reference to this promotion.

  • $52/person for four (4) CONSECUTIVE session when purchased in advance.
  • $96/person for eight (8) CONSECUTIVE session when purchased in advance.
  • $40/student for four (4) CONSECUTIVE session when purchased in advance.

      Discounts for Private Lessons

  • $90 / hour  for 1-2 hours
  • $85 / hour  for 3 or more hours Package purchased in advance
  • Rate for group private lessons depends on the number of participants and location.
  • We are available to come to your event