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A private lesson is one-on-one instruction between you and your teacher, or you and your partner, and your teacher.

Private lessons enable you to learn at your own pace and your scheduling needs.
You select the dance and details you want to work on in your private lesson.                            Private lessons provide a discreet environment where you can ask questions you may not want to ask in front of a large group.                                                                                                                     You get absolute individualized attention from your teacher.

Group Classes are a great way to learn patterns, but there is no substitute for working one-on-one in a private dance lesson with an accomplished instructor to learn the finer points of dancing.

A private lesson is your chance to clarify what you learned in a group class and further refine your technique. You can cover one dance or several during your lessons and cover specific questions such as how to execute a particular figure or how to more effectively lead.

We will break down figures to their simplest forms and show you pattern variations to increase your versatility. 

If you are taking private lessons in addition to group lessons, you have the ability to take what you learn in group class and polish it further, maximizing the value of the group class.

Make your first dance as husband and wife as special as everything else on your wedding day!
Do not worry if you think you have two left feet or you have never danced before.

Why not start thinking about that first dance now?

Learn choreography and steps for your first dance to your song. $120 for one  person or a couple, for 1 hour lesson.

CURRENTLY NOT OFFERED. For more information, please email elabd@comcast.net